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Nordic American Tankers reports new deficit

Nordic American Tankers is strained by a weak crude oil freight market and exits the second quarter with sliding figures across the board. The carrier, as usual, still pays out dividends.

Danske Bank: Global shipping shares decline big-time

Listed shipping shares continue to slide big-time on the world's exchanges, according to a new analysis from Danske Bank, which has reviewed how 38 global shipping companies have developed in the past year up until today.

Gener8 lands billion dollar loans for Korean newbuildings

The New York Stock Exchange had a somewhat lukewarm reaction to the IPO of tanker carrier Gener8 Maritime this summer. Now the carrier has secured credit facilities for a total USD 1.5 billion. A milestone for the new tanker player, says chairman Peter Georgiopoulos.

Struggling Scorpio Bulkers seeks USD 200 million on NYSE

Robert Bugbee's dry bulk carrier Scorpio Bulkers is not only divesting newbuildings, but will now also attempt to raise USD 200 million on the New York Stock Exchange by selling shares. The funds will go to financing the comprehensive newbuilding program.

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